Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine…

Kathy and I finally got our flu vaccine. We actually were able to get the regular everyday one and the super special hard-to-find H1N1.

We got the regular shot about a week ago. We were not able to get it our local medical clinic/hospital because they had only received 400 doses for a population in their service area of around 6000. We ended up having to go to the clinic in Spearfish, 20 miles away, and they seemed to have more than they could use.

Yesterday we were able to get the H1N1. We went at the end of the clinic when it was obvious they had more vaccine than people showing up. Kathy had no problem because if you were under the age of 64 you could get it. However, I being over the magic age of 64 had to resort to small white lies. This involved me explaining that I had a young grandchild. They did not ask how often or when I had contact with the grandchild and I did not volunteer that we probably would not be around her until April.

We really wanted both shots because we are flying to Vermont for Thanksgiving and if we are going to sit in what amounts to a sealed toothpaste tube that recycles the same not so clean air about once every 12 minutes we wanted as much protection as we could get. Of course, we are also assuming that Northwest Airlines can find Vermont.

Now I have three questions for the super smart people in charge of our vaccine program.

1. Who decided that 64 was the magic age?

2. Who decided where the vaccine was sent and how much was sent and how did they arrive at the figure?

3. Is all this being done by the same people who could not get water to New Orleans?

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