Scenic Sunday six…

Many people have asked us what our part of South Dakota is like so here some pictures that were all taken within two hours of our house. We have also included some pictures from Devil’s Tower, one of our favorite places, and even though it is in Wyoming, it is about 90 minutes from our house.

So now sit back and enjoy our little world.


Devil's Tower

dt dead trees 2-1

Devil's Tower


Climber on the Tower

Crazy Horse 2

Crazy Horse Monument under construction


Close up of head on Crazy Horse Monument

sfc falls 1

Spearfish Canyon Falls

BL sunrise cedar pass

Sunrise at Cedar Pass in the Badlands


Margie in the Badlands

sylvan lake

Sylvan Lake at Custer State Park

RM 6

Mount Rushmore

Mine 2

View of Lead from Terry Peak

barn flag close ajusted flag 8x10 copy

Roadside barn near Spearfish

buffalo 2

Buffalo on ranch near Deadwood

And a final view that I have seen on many mornings…
sunset 1

Sunrise from our street

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1 Response to Scenic Sunday six…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Beautiful pictures! I showed them to Brad. He has been to some of those places. I love the view of the sunrise from your street.

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