As we prepare for our Thanksgiving week in Vermont with Neil and Lori I’m amazed at the technology we must (absolutely can’t travel with out) have for the trip.

We must make sure that we both cell phones, both Ipods, GPS and of course the laptop (we are only taking one). We also can’t leave out the digital cameras. now as we gather all this together we have to remember all the assorted power cords, wall chargers, car chargers, head sets, zip drives,  and all the other you name its. At least we can watch movies and TV on the laptop so we don’t need to haul a DVD player with us.

I am sure, since I was alive and kicking, in the “Dark Ages” I also traveled, but I’m not sure how we manged to do that. After all, that was a time long ago and before all the technology that we can’t seem to survive without in this day and age. In those days of old we were lucky to have an AM radio in the car much less one with FM, CD and Ipod connection. I mean this was pre-eight track days. I think it was 1980 before I owned a car with an FM radio and a tape player. and speaking of the dark ages, as a teenager living in upper Montgomery county in Maryland our house had a party-line telephone. I mentioned that to someone younger the other day and they had no idea what I was talking about.

We now spend our free time in airports looking for plugs to charge all this stuff so non of the gadgets will suffer from power failure on a trip due to an unexpected delay. Unexpected to us, but not to the airlines I should say.

For our Thanksgiving trip we will be flying on “Northworst Airlines” so we are hoping they can actually find the airport and not just fly right by. They are in the process of changing everything to the Delta name which someone told me stands for “Didn’t even leave the airport”. Several years ago here in Rapid City they, Northwest, actually landed by mistake at Ellsworth Airforce Base instead of the Rapid city Regional Airport. These two airports are about 10 miles apart.

So we hope that we will leave no cord behind and that all of you will wish us luck.

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