A tale of blueberries…

When Torey was little and eating factory made baby food one of her favorites was blueberry buckle. Now I, apparently her mother also, have mentioned this to her on more than one occasion. I have also suggested that Hadley might be a big fan of blueberries and that she should try them on her.

Well she did and has since asked that we never mention blueberries as they pertain to Hadley ever again.

The  reason for this has something to do with Hadley, Torey being fully dressed and ready for work and projectile vomiting. Apparently Hadley’s taste buds loved the flavor of blueberries, but the rest of her had a slightly different outlook on said fruit.

In hindsight I’m sure the blueberry buckle we fed Torey probably contained no real blueberries and what Torey fed Hadley were real blueberries run through a food processor. And as Kathy has been kind enough to explain to me blueberry skins are very very hard to digest.

I am going to try my best to never mention blueberries and Hadley in the same sentence ever again.

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