Scenic Sunday eight…

This post was originally planned to have pictures of our visit to Burlington, Vermont to spend thanksgiving with Neil and Lori. I say supposed to be because even after blogging about all the gadgets we needed to have to travel, I managed to leave the camera download cord in South Dakota. Since we own a Sony a simple USB cord will not work, it takes a special cord. There should be a law mandating that all device cords must have the same plug and come to think of it all cars should have the gas caps on the same side.

So as to not break the chain of Scenic Sunday I have posted a few random shots that I don’t think I’ve posted before.

View in Canada from 2007 trip


Badlands view

Trail rest stop - 2007 Colorado

Colorado 2007
And a finale note to the twilight fans, I have finally started the first book and so far I love it. There will be more on this when I’m finished.
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1 Response to Scenic Sunday eight…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Nice pics! And I’m glad that you’ve finally started reading Twilight. Keep us posted on what you think!:)

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