The big clean-up…


Periodically after big snows the City of Lead cleans all the snow piles from the streets. This is a big job and can take weeks to clean the entire town. They did our street today, about 10 big city blocks long, and it took them about 7 hours to complete the job. 

They will tow cars left on the street

1st step is to move snow to middle of street

Scooping it up

Loading the trucks to dump it at the snow dump


They will tow cars that are left parked on the street so the fact that we have a covered carport that holds both our cars is a real advantage. however this advantage come with it’s own problems.

Roof clearing

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1 Response to The big clean-up…

  1. Buddy Z says:

    Reminds me of 1966 in Charlottesville when it stayed cold so long they had to dump the snow in the river. It only happened once in my three years there and has never happened here in eastern NC. That’s what I like about the south.

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