Education…Educated…Maybe Yes…Maybe No…

As many of you know I work part-time at Terry Peak, our local ski resort. One of my duties on the weekend is being part of a team of four to control the parking lot. This has provided hours of entertainment and a large dose of “I can’t believe they let you drive”.

Before I go any further with this I will apologize in advance to anyone reading this who is involved in any way on any level with our education system. I say this because the people I’m about to mention probably went to school.

When we are in the parking lot we are decked out in lime green vest and have half-ski poles with day-glow orange tips to point with. You would have to be blind not to see us yet people constantly seem to either not see us or be able to understand which way we are pointing. When you approach them and explain that they need to move and follow the other cars you get answers like “I did not see you” or “which way are you pointing”. Of course the fact that they have a clear spot the size of a Starbucks coffee cup cleared on an otherwise ice-covered window and a cell phone up to one ear has nothing to do with their lack of vision. To add to our entertainment during what should be a very boring job we have been known to mention this fact to them and the reaction we get is often very comical. We also have those who insist on parking where they want and then later complain that they can’t get out of their parking spot with out a lot of very very small movements forward and backward. If you put your 24 foot long pickup in a row set up for compact cars you will get no sympathy and very little help from us. We also have people who, for what ever reason leave their cars in our lot over night even though we have large bold signs saying all vehicles must be off the lot by 6:00pm. Now, if they have any luck at all it will not snow and if they are just plain unlucky we will have snow and they may spend hours the next day digging their cars out. You see, we plow the lots with snow-cats that have a 20 foot snow pusher so exact and very fine control is not available. Last weekend two cars ended up with a six-foot bank of snow surrounding them.

There are also those who park across driveways that lead to our maintenance buildings and snow-cat garages even though these drives are marked with orange traffic cones across the end of them. This weekend the drive for our work trucks was blocked, they are diesel trucks and need to be plugged in at night, and hanging from the mirror in the offending hybrid vehicle was a faculty parking permit from a university. We left the driver a note, but we really wonder if they understood our note even though the meaning would be hard to misinterpret.

People also tend to spread their gear out in a 40 foot circle around their car and then when we suggest they move because cars are about to park next to and behind them they react in a manner that seems to say “how dare you ask me to move my stuff – don’t you know how important I am”. Of course we do not know and further more we could care less.

These same people are the ones whose left behind gear we find laying all over the place in the morning when we clean-up the lodge deck and the gear racks. We have found multiple sets of skis and boots, several $1,200.00 Burton snow boards, and an uncountable number of coats, gloves and hats. One of the coats was a $400.00 garment from Spyder. We also find a lot of children’s gear and you have to wonder how you take a four-year old home without their coat. We also found a car-seat one morning. Maybe, just maybe there is a reason some people should not have kids or consume certain beverages.

My apology at the top of this post was because I assume all of these people, especially the university faculty member, have had some level of education which for what ever reason seems to have been a waste of time. Or is it possible there is a large part of the gene pool that is just  inconsiderate, self-centered, unthinking, better than the rest of us, has all the answers, coarse, brutish, unpolished, ill-bread, impolite, thoughtless, or  just plain rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.

Before closing I should mention that this behavior is not limited to young people, but spans across the ages. Having said this I will also say that it seems to spread fairly rapidly as age goes down.

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1 Response to Education…Educated…Maybe Yes…Maybe No…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Isn’t it amazing how even the smartest people can’t follow the most simple instructions? And some (not all) faculty members are very egotistical, so it’s not surprising that the one you encountered ignored the signs.

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