2200 Miles…not quite halfway…

As you know, we left SD with a foot of new snow on the ground and still coming down. This was the first time I’ve driven the motor home in snow so it was an experience. It, fortunately, was a good one and once we were out of the black Hills, about a 17 mile trip, it was clear road and good to go. Although this was not the end of adventurous driving because when we reached the plains the wind was gusting to 40mph from the north and we were heading due east. Our motor home is shaped somewhat like a billboard so there were miles and miles of 50mph with the steering wheel cranked at what seemed like a 45 degree angle. 

We have driven through all or parts of ten states and still have about 10 more to go before we arrive back in SD. We have been through some of the areas multiple times, but some were new. We stayed one night at Graham’s Cave State Park in MO, a place we had not been before, and had a wonderful sunset and then a nice hike to the cave in the morning. 

Sunset at Graham's Cave

Graham's Cave

Graham’s Cave was first used as a seasonal home by Native Americans around 10,000 years ago according to the history of the area. 

We made an over night stop in Greenville, NC and had a great visit with some old, in length of time we have known them, friends and also one of their daughters and her friend. Daughter Alice and her friend Rick are great fans and players of Blue Grass music. If you are into Blue Grass Check them out at: 


Alice’s mother and father Buddy and Maria are accomplished Blue Grass musicians also and Buddy still plays. you can find him at: 


after leaving Greenville we are off to Va. Beach, VA to spend several nights with my brother and his wife and then on to Maryland to see friends, family and the real star of the show who is Miss Hadley. 







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