So some of you can garden…

Some of the blogs I read have recent post detailing their love of gardening now that they are in spring. They speak lovingly of pruning, planting, weeding, buying flowering plants and planting veggie gardens. They even post pictures of garden beds in bloom and people in shorts and tee-shirts happily working in the their gardens. They also have pictures of freshly cut green yards and patios set for outdoor eating. Well, you all need to stop and stop now. You need to stop until those of us here in the frozen far reaches have at least a small taste of spring.



our patio...not set for eating out...


Flowers on Mother's Day

If you don’t stop rubbing our noses in your great weather and making us jealous we will send our attack bird after you, at least as soon as he thaws out…

The Enforcer

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2 Responses to So some of you can garden…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Oh dear. Sorry! Hope your snow melts soon!

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