Vermont and home…

We arrived in Richmond, Vermont at Neil and Lori’s to great weather, at least for most of the visit. When we were here a year ago the weather was damp and rainy instead of sunny and warm. however, getting here was not without its issues. Our GPS tried to lead us to the house over a short cut that involved the road ending at a private road so it was turn around, call Lori and wait for our guide Neil to show up and lead us to the house.   

We had a great visit which included great food, garden building, garden centers, and the acquisition of some yard art. Also it included over a foot of snow which made us feel right at home. The great food included dinner out and cooking at the house.  Neil and Lori have a vegetable planned and started work on it while we were there. We pitched in to help with the building and enjoyed being able to help. Kathy was especially happy to help since she has been suffering from garden withdrawal due to the weather in SD. The garden will have raised beds and a fence to keep deer out. They have around 10 acres of woods so finding fencing material was easy. The timbers they used for the beds were recycled from the remodel they did prior to moving into the house. 

The start

Work continues

Almost done

 We  also went Fiddle Head Fern picking and of course this lead to the cooking and eating part of Fiddle Head gathering. This was our first experience with them and we really hope it is not our last. They were great as a side dish and as an addition to salads. They are highly prized in Vermont, or at least I assume they are, since they sell for $9.99 per pound in the grocery store. Picking your own makes them much more affordable and I’m sure it improves the taste.  

Fiddle Head Ferns

Fiddle Heads and sky

 Did I mention we acquired some additional yard art? Neil and lori took us for a ride through the woods to visit the “Yard Art Guy” and of course we could not leave empty-handed.  

The yard Art Place...

Our "Attack Bird"

Yard Bee

 The yard art is all made from recycled tools and farm equipment along with nuts, bolts and rebar. 

We also purchased some new and brightly colored lawn chairs while in Vermont, but as you can see by the picture of them on our patio in lead, SD in may be a while before we can use them.   

New chairs

  The snow we had in Vermont lead to a power outage, but with take out pizza and the wood stove to keep us warm it was a fun day. Although it did remind us how dependent we have become on technology that requires electricity. 

Wood stove with bird...

We had a great visit and all to soon, as with all our visits on this trip, it was time to head for our next stop, home. At this point in our journey we have been about 3700 miles and have about 1900 left to drive as we head west.  

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