OMG…It’s cold here…

When I got up at 5:30am, more on why 5:30 later, this morning it was 40 degrees. It is now 10:00am and only 59 degrees and while working in the yard this morning I had on a long sleeve t-shirt and a fleece,Tennessee orange of course compliments of K&T.

Having lived and worked in the Washington/Baltimore area for years I do understand how horrible it is to get up early and find it is 80 degrees with 90% humidity and not a cloud in sight. although it may seem like I’m rubbing it in, I really am not laughing, sneering, or mocking you guys .

Now as to why I was up so early…we have Buddy the puppy and it is a lot like having small children in the house complete with whining, climbing, exploring very thing and generally causing chaos, excitement and disruption in our world. The advantage to a small child is they don’t have to be walked for bathroom business so even though you maybe up early you don’t have to get dressed and go outside. I’m not looking forward to our -27 degree winter mornings.

We hope you cold of soon…

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