A puppy in the house…

Before I get into this subject, let me assure anyone reading this who has a toddler at home that I am in no way trying to compare Buddy the puppy to your children or to anyone’s children. I’m only pointing out that there are a lot of similarities between puppies and toddlers.

I never thought at my advanced age/decay that I would be child-proofing a house, but I am. Now some might think that since we have a grandchild the house would already be baby proofed, but they would be wrong. In my world it is the responsibility of the visitors with toddlers to keep their kids out of trouble and away from harmful objects. Those of you coming to visit need not worry, we are toddler puppy proofing the house and surrounding area.

First, he is quick, really quick, to pick up anything off the floor and chew away…fortunately he seems to prefer shoes over cell phones. He will also pick up anything in the yard and chew away. His outside favorites seem to be sticks and cedar mulch.

Second, he is trying to prove that he is the king, aka, alpha male. Kathy is slowly proving to him that this is not so and will never be so, but we have to give him credit for trying over and over.

Third, he will whine when he is not getting what he wants and whine and whine. He tries to wear you down and although we know we should never let him win, very occasionally we give in up.

Fourth, he will explore any space he can get into and open anything that is not securely closed. This includes closets, cabinets, boxes. bags, trash cans and doors to get outside. He also will attempt to drag out the contents of a space once he gets it open and is not always happy about relinquishing said items.

Fifth, he firmly believes that humans are not capable of using a bathroom alone and it his job/place in life to insure that this never happens. When we humans insist on being alone it results in the above mentioned whining, door banging and general unhappiness on Buddy’s part. Could this behavior be because one of us is always with him when he uses the bathroom? I have no answer to this so maybe a trip to the “dog whisperer” is in order.

Sixth, he has a favorite toy. It is a pink flop-eared rabbit that came from the shelter with him. The poor rabbit is abused and is now missing both eyes,some of it’s face, part of a nose and some of it’s stuffing. I predict that rabbit will have a short life. I also predict that once rabbit is gone we will be out at zero dark thirty looking for a replacement in order to halt incessant searching and whining.

Seventh, he does not like to be the only one in a room so he will follow us from room to room to room to room and back again. He seems to nap with one eye open so it is hard to quietly slip out of the room and escape from his watchful presence.

Eighth, he is also extremely smart, cunning and adorable. These traits make it hard to discipline him every time we should. They also make it hard to not laugh at some of his antics at times when humor is not really appropriate, but can’t be helped.

Ninth, he wants to play with the cat, but the cat is not wild about full speed charges coming towards her. She will come in at night and stay on our bed and now realizes that when the dog is in the crate all is well. We are working on getting them close when we are on the patio and keeping a short leash on the dog has helped them get closer to each other. They need to become really, and I do mean really, good friends before winter’s snow and minus temps arrive.

Tenth, he will settle down for the night once he is in his crate/crib and a sheet is drapped over it. No sheet, no peace and quiet. He is also very excited and animated when we show up to let him out of the crate.

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1 Response to A puppy in the house…

  1. he is cute! and sounds like he is keeping you both on your toes 🙂

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