Buddy the puppy and other tails…

As I’ve said before having Buddy Puppy in the house is just like having a toddler under foot. He is fun, but can be trying. We have learned that nothing is safe and spend a lot of time hunting for missing shows, deodorants, towels, leashes and anything else that is left where he can reach it. We are also never alone, especially in the bathroom. I really have to fix that door latch. 

And like outfitting for a toddler, there are many thing we have had to purchase. we have a crib kennel in our bedroom, a baby jail play-pen in the back yard along with a play house dog house and toys all over the place. 



We've been TPed


And on another note, there is a “neighbor hood cat that is taken care of by several families and of late he has taken to hanging out at our house. Not something we encourage, but he stops by anyway. 


He, Frankie, looks like he really thinks he lives here.

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