A week away part II…

As promised in my earlier post, I am posting more pictures from our trip.
Another neat view from our camp site was the view of the Grand peeking up over Black Tail.

The Grand

We took a ride through the Red Hills and the road to there also goes by a group of old buildings that were once used as a movie set. I have been told that the buildings were used in “Shane”.

Wyoming Red Hills

Red Hills 2

Remains of cabin used as a movie set in "Shane"

View from in the cabin


Inside the cabin

On the way to Yellowstone from the Tetons we stopped to take in the view at the Oxbow on the Snake River. It is a shame it was hazy that morning.

The Oxbow bend on the Snake River

Another view of the Oxbow

And of course one can’t, at least I can’t, go to Yellowstone without seeing Old Faithful.

Old Faithful 1

Old Faithful 2

Old Faithful 3

Old Faithful 4

I shot this picture as we were leaving Yellowstone for our trip home.

Yellowstone early morning

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