A week away…

  We spent the last week in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Grand Teton is our favorite place to go and once again it did not disappoint us. This trip was different from past trips because we had our toddler, Buddy the puppy, with us and dogs are not allowed on park trails and it is not yet a good idea to leave him unattended in the motor home for long  periods of time. This ment that for this trip we could not take some of our favorite trips or spend a night in the back country. We did have his kennel which fits perfect under the dining table with us, but we don’t like leaving him it for long periods of time. The exception to this is sleep time.    

One of my favorite places to visit is the historic barns on Mormon Row. The view from there is amazing at first light. The peaks of the Teton Range to the west form a tremendous backdrop and as the sun begins to rise the peaks, if  it is your lucky day turn pink. This color only last for a few minutes and is an amazing sight as the color works its way from the peaks down to the base at the valley floor and then lights up the front of the barns.  





Early light on the barn    

     Pink on the peaks  

We took Buddy on many walks and decided we needed a sherpa to carry our water so we supplied him with a pack. He tolerated wearing it fairly well and once he got used to it he did not seem to notice he was working for us.   

  Buddy with pack  

He is a toddler at times and then morphs into an obnoxious teenager who seems to need a lot of exercise and attention, it really is all about him. This leads to many long walks and some ball play.   

 Buddy with ball   

We discovered that some old friends, Ridge and Cathy, were spending the summer working at Colter Bay in the park and managed to catch up with them. They used to live in Annapolis, MD and move to Florida in 1997. We had a nice visit and got a private tour of Lake Jackson and a visit to Elk Island with Ridge on one of the company boats.   

  The boat at dock on Elk Island  

The campground we were on, Gros Ventre, is in an area that is frequented by several herds of buffalo so we got to view them closeup and at a distance.   

  Buffalo along the road   

  Buffalo on the ridge line   

Our camp site gave us a great view of the sunsets and we spent several evenings just sitting with our coffee watching the show.   

  Sunset time   

  Clouds at sunset   

  Reflection of the sunset in motor home window.   

    Sunset cloulds and moon over motor home   

I will post more pictures latter.

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1 Response to A week away…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Wow, such beautiful pictures. Glad you had a good trip!

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