I’m back on the hill…

I returned to my part-time winter job at Terry Peak Ski Resort yesterday. No, we are not open yet, but there is always a lot of prep work to get ready for the season.

Kathy and I have been to the “Hill” many times since Buddy Puppy joined our family. the open slopes are a great place to let him off the leash to run lose. there are lots of new smells along with birds to flush in the tall grass and bird chasing is a favorite activity of his even when they are flying up high. so far he has been good about being allowed to run lose and returns to Kathy when called.

the Hill is a beautiful place no matter what season we are in. this time of year there are beautiful sunsets to watch and the Aspen have reached there peak of golden color and against the dark background of the Ponderosa Pine they are a wonderful site. it is really a different view from the all white of winter, but winter does have its own special beauty with glorious sunrises that I get to view every morning when I arrive for work. (see the blog photo heading)

Chair lift at sunset

View up the slope

On the go

Having said that I really enjoy my winter job, I must say there are days when it’s 25 below zero with a wind chill of 45 below, snowing is falling and I’m bundled up in more layers than you can count with absolutely no skin exposed that have I to remind myself of the beauty that is there if I will only take the time to look for it.

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