It’s starting to look a little like christmas…

Since our last big, 40 inch, snowfall we have had several smaller snows. An inch here a foot there and so on. After a while it is hard to remember when and how much. I can say however that we have had about 7 feet of snow so far this season and it is a safe bet that more is coming our way.

At this point I feel safe in saying that we will have a white Christmas just like the other seven we have lived here for.

Buddy the toddler still loves to play in the snow. his favorite toy for back yard play is an apple. He eats them when he is tired of playing toss with them so we go through four or five a day. When we take him to the dog park we leave the apples at home and he plays with the collection of tennis balls that always seem to be there. If they are buried  in the snow he will hunt and sniff until he finds them. On our last trip he came up with four balls which were all under the snow.

Now for those of you in the east, I see that you might get an inch of snow.A whole inch, wow. Maybe you will have a white Christmas and if that’s what you want then I hope it happens for you.

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