Buddy has a play date…

Hi there!

We have a herd of deer that passes by and sometimes through our yard every morning and afternoon. Buddy, if he is out, will run towards them and bark his greeting/warning. If he his inside he will go to the kitchen to make his presence known. he does this even though he can not see them from inside the house, but he senses that they have arrived. When he charges the fence barking away the deer will jump back and move away or at least they used to. They, like the dog, are fairly bright and have discovered that he can not get over the fence so now when he charges they charge. So now we have dog on one side saying go away and deer on the other saying ha, ha you can’t reach us. We are not sure what will happen if he ever gets over the fence, but the deer when in our yard did charge him once.

Not too close please

Why won't they run?

And now I digress to a whole new topic. I had a birthday on Monday and am now__years old. you really don’t want to know how old I am so I will leave my age out. One of my Christmas gifts from the DC kids and Miss H. was a box of cupcakes from George Town Cupcakes and one of them made a perfect birthday cake. If you have not tried them and live where you can get them rush right out and get some. They are yum yum.

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2 Responses to Buddy has a play date…

  1. Buddy says:

    As a fellow member of the “first week in January Club”, I should have remembered. A belated happy birthday.

  2. kerryandtorey says:

    the cupcakes are cute! glad you liked them.

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