Did you know…

Did you know that toddlers can wear you down and out?

I did know this, but had forgotten how exhausting they can be even if you are only watching them. On my recent visit to T,K and Miss H’s, it was amazing how tired I got (yes I know I’m old) just watching her. She is in constant motion from get up time to naptime and then until bedtime. I almost feel sorry for her parents, but not quite since they are young and do have an adorable, smart, wonderful child.

I had a great visit with the kids. L and I spent a day together doing some shopping, talking and eating. She also joined T,H and me one day for a trip to the toy store, more on this further down the page, and also on another day for our trek to the Air & Space Museum near Dulles. If you live in the area and have not been there, it is well worth the trip. They have an amazing assortment of aircraft on display including the Enola Gay, SR71 Black Bird, Concord and the Space Shuttle Enterprize. I was amazed at how large the Space Shuttle is. It is really much larger up close than it appears on TV. Another object there is an R2-D2 mailbox from the USPS. They only produced 800 of them. It was also fun for Miss H who took the opportunity to sit on all the benches and to run free in the wide open spaces of the museum.

Enola Gay

Space Shuttle


R2-D2 Mail Box

T, L & Miss H

Our trip to the toy store to buy Miss H her Christmas present was an adventure in itself. We had decided to let her try to pick what she wanted. As we headed down the aisle with toys for her age group, we all spotted “Handy Mandy” toys; and since this is her favorite TV show, we were sure she would pick from this group. But across the aisle were ride on toys and she focused right in on a “Thomas The Tank Engine” ride on toy with train sounds and voices. There was no doubt that this was her pick. We had to let her sit on the box as we moved through the checkout line and, when I had to hand it to the cashier, there was a meltdown. She was positive that I was taking it away and she would not get it back. This also brought knowing smiles and grins from the people in line behind us. Once she got it back she was fine again and home we went to spend the rest of my days there listening to Thomas.

Thomas-still in the box

There is more to this story and it will be posted later this week…

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  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Great pictures! Glad you had a good trip:).

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