Did you know…Part II…

As I have said before Miss H has an endless supply of energy so T&K take her to My Gym twice a week to let her bleed off excess energy. My Gym has a mix of free play and structured play and Miss H seems to really enjoy her time there. The staff there was great and says hello to every child as they enter like they have known them all their life. Also during the structured part there are some lessons about sharing and taking turns.

One of her favorite things to do the day I was there was the bar. what she really likes is not to just hang on it, but to drop from it. This action is accompanied by shouts of yea and oh no.

Miss Hbelieves knows she is the center of the universe so during circle time she does not sit on the side with the other kids, but moves towards the center to take her rightful place in the known and unknown world.

Miss H also loves to have books read to her and to have people join her in play time.

I had a great visit with the kids and Miss H and will return to see them again in the spring as we make our eighth trip by motor home to the East Coast. Of course a trip east would not be a trip with out complications. This is especially true when one fly across the northern tier of the country during winter weather. More on this in another post.

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