Another dream comes true…

The first dream to come true was our being able to live in the west and we have now been here eight wonderful years and we feel blessed to live the life we are living.

Our second dream actually started about the time we moved from Maryland to South Dakota. This dream centered around the idea of spending a summer working at a campground in another part of the country and living in the motorhome while there. In 2008 we made our first trip to Burlington, Vt and stayed at the North Beach Campground( ). While there I had a conversation with the campground manager and this ended with him telling me if I wanted to spend a summer working there to call him. So this fall we had the idea of working there come summer which would means we would be close to N&L and only about and eight-hour drive from T,K,H and L&C. As luck would have it the same manager was still there and after I recounted our conversation he told me he would send the applications for summer employment and that we would be first on his list if any of the couples working there decided not to return. He called me just as I was getting off the plane from my recent trip to DC and offered us a job from mid-May through Labor Day and we accepted. Come summer, we will once again be living on the East Coast.

Of course, this means that the two of us and Buddy, the toddler/teenage dog, will be living in a 25 foot (a little over 200 square feet) motorhome. We realize that the living quarters will be tight, but there is also the great outdoors that we can find space in. The campground is on Lake Champlain and also on a great bike path that makes downtown Burlington only about a five-minute ride away.

I think I will be happy to be gone for the summer and will not miss the yard work here. However, Kathy may suffer from gardening withdrawal, but I’m sure N&L will be happy to have her work in their garden. We may also be able to do some container gardening at our campsite.

We will be busy with a long to do list before we leave in April. Since our Sturgis people will be staying the house for a week in August there is much to do to leave it ready for them and of course stuff like arranging to keep the yard cut, mail forwarding, major clean out of garage workshop and on and on and on and on.

And now for a look at our future click on the video below…

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3 Responses to Another dream comes true…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Wow, that sounds great! Congrats and good luck!

  2. Buddy says:

    I thought it should be get a job in a campground in Florida for the winter.

    • rossandkathy says:

      I thought about that this AM when I went to work at Terry Peak and the temperature was minus as in negative 15 and the wind chill was minus 38…however, it was sunny…

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