Nobody knows the shovels I’ve seen…

We have once again after a day of 40 and one of 50 degrees returned to the “Land of Cold and Snow”. It started to snow on Friday and it is still snowing. Sometimes very light snow and sometimes inches per hour. In the last 72 hours we have picked up around three feet of snow and when you add that to the two feet we already had covering our yard it starts to add up to a big pile.

I have been at Terry Peak for the last five days and about all we have done is move snow from decks, walks and stairs. On Sunday we had to plow the parking lots about four times just to keep them in good enough shape for customers to get in and out. This is four-wheel or all wheel drive country and our parking area is not kind to front wheel drive mini-vans or cars.  The front of the lot has a slight up hill slope. This factor does provide those of us working there with entertainment and more than a few good laughs. While on the subject of cars and snow, what do people with total electric cars do when caught in a snow traffic jam?

And of course, the shoveling does not stop just because I leave work. We have just as much here in town although one advantage is that we have shorter steps and walks and Kathy often has it all or most of it done by the time I get home. And believe me, I do appreciate pulling in to shoveled walks and stairs.

Buddy of course still loves the snow and seems to have no trouble finding things he has left in the snow days before or the apples I still toss for him.

Speaking of things left in the snow, days ago he took a blue ball out to play with and came back without it. Now, before you look at the next picture and wonder why our patio furniture is where it is let me explain. We really are not messy, sloppy, or terribly disorganized people. When we fenced in the backyard for Buddy it finally dawned on us that if we did not also fence the patio every time he wanted out or in we were going to have to put him on a leash and take him up the stairs to the yard. So we decided to fence the patio also. Well, when you fence in the fall, things and distances are different from winter when there are piles of snow that have packed down. These  piles make a perfect lunching ramp for Buddy, an expert climber and jumper, and allow access to the top of the flower box wall and then up and out. Once we discovered this escape route there was too much snow to extend the fence so necessity became the mother of invention and we ended up with the furniture fence. I might add that so far it has worked. So, back to Buddy and the blue ball, using the snow piles to gain the wall and then digging down into the snow, he popped up with the missing blue ball. This is not the first time he has found balls or toys left behind.

I'm digging out the ball

And now for a few snow pictures for those of you who wish you could be here…

Our back yard

Back stairs - shoveled for Buddy

Waiting for spring

Grand Canyon of the front side walk kind

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