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One day last week after many days of zero and sub-zero weather I checked the outside temperature while I layered up for work and saw it was only 11 degrees. i instantly said to myself “not bad, a nice warm day at work”. I not sure what it says about me when I consider 11 degrees to be a warm day, but I guess it just go to show that our perceptions may not be based on reality. Or maybe, it shows that our beliefs shift with our geographic location.

In an earlier post I talked about the amount of shoveling i have to do and how Buddy had found away to escape by using piles of snow as a spring-board. (See link)https://rossandkathy.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/nobody-knows-the-shovels-ive-seen/ . Well, our patio furniture fence was a success, but Buddy being smarter than his college educated servants discovered another way out. He has found that the yard fence we put in this fall so a could not get out works as a snow fence. This means that the snow piles up along the fence and all he has to do is walk up and step over the fence. So now, I not only have side walks to shovel, but also about 100 feet of fence line to shovel along. this requires a path about 4 to 5 feet wide and was a lot of work. also it did not turn out to well. There were several spots along the fence were the snow piles have frozen into solid blocks of ice. This means that we had to take 1 of the 3 kiddie dog gates we own and install it on the patio stairs that lead to the back yard. Buddy is now confined to the patio. This means more trips to the dog park so he can burn of the excess energy he has.

As those of you who read this blog (the few and the brave) know we will be spending the summer, May till September) in the Burlington, Vt. area. This means we have a lot to get done before we leave. We decided tha we would like to leave the house like you would have it if it was for sale and since we have a well lived in-house there is a lot to get done. The bonus to this idea is that we are sorting through the boxes that have remained packed since we move here in 2003. Yes kids, T,L, & N) we know that you told us we were moving stuff we would never use especially some of it had been packed for years before moving here. We have tossed and tossed and the first 15 boxes are probably now down to 3. We have found lots of pictures of our kids when they were little and now have a way to punish them for thinking sticking out their tongues and making silly faces when their picture was taking was funny. Would we actually publish these pictures or will we just save them for the grandchildren or both…one never knows.

Our sorting and tossing has also lead to our local library receiving around 100 books and DVDs. Some of these can be placed in circulation and others will be placed in their yearly book sale. We still have more stuff and books to sort through. We both find books hard to give up, but there is only so much room so stuff and books most go. We have decided to place every thing we keep into plastic totes. We have some stuff in them already and when we buy more we will make sure that they are all the same size. They stack much easier that way.

We are having two date nights this week. Friday we are going to see a play, The Last of The Red Hot Lovers, at the local opera house and Saturday to see the Rapid City Rush Hockey Team play. We are going to the game and a pre-game dinner with 20 of our friends.

This area has now had about 172 inches, that’s over 14 feet, of snow so far this year. We have still not had The Big One yet, but there is hope since March and April can be our snowiest months. In May of 2008 we had 60 a 60 inch storm. Today has been a great day with the temperature reaching 60.

And just to keep you informed on our landscape……….

I'm still here

Is it summer yet?

You want me to live where...

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