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All Hail to the King…It’s His Birthday

Sunday May 1, 2011   I’m the King  There is a world named Hadley Land and in this land there is a King, a Queen and Miss H. Miss H is the ruler and all report to her. There is … Continue reading

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Getting ready to go…sort of…

We have, counting today, 6 days to finish getting ready to travel to Vermont and there is still much to do. Although we have made a lot of progress in getting rid of life’s clutter. The garbage man will probably … Continue reading

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You my dear friend…need to go

I have this relationship that is one of those on and off kind that you just can’t seem to end forever unless you move far to the south of where we are. It is a winter sort of fling and … Continue reading

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Momma’s got another new toy…

Yes, this is hers…not mine…really that’s true… The white specks are not scratches, but snow. Yes, it is snowing here once again. The good news is that we are only expecting around six  inches. We had a few days of … Continue reading

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Momma’s got a brand new toy…

It’s not new new, but it is new to us…and it has only been slept in one night by the previous owner. Our summer home  And before you ask…yes we know there is nothing hooked to it to pull it … Continue reading

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Dogs (Toddlers), weather and stuff…

This was started on Sunday and not posted until today…which means yesterday was actually Saturday… Yesterday it was 70 degrees and we could see all of our yard except for one patch of snow that is about six feet by … Continue reading

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