Dogs (Toddlers), weather and stuff…

This was started on Sunday and not posted until today…which means yesterday was actually Saturday…

Yesterday it was 70 degrees and we could see all of our yard except for one patch of snow that is about six feet by eight feet. Of course, being able to see it is depressing after a winter of dog and deer. I may not be discouraged long since as I write this and look out the window what I’m seeing tells me there is a good chance that the yard will pull its’ winter blanket back over it self and be gone for a while. In other words…It’s snowing…again

This winter and seems to be exceedingly long, however we are aware that it only seems that way. We have had winters that stretched from September into June and there is no guarantee that this one will not do that. The one bright spot is that if it does we will not be here for the end since we will be leaving at the end of April to head for Vermont and will not return until sometime in September.

Now for our toddler dog… As mentioned above, our yard is a mess and he is partly to blame for this. As the snow disappeared we found numerous tennis balls, towels and other stuff that belonged to him scattered across our landscape. Our house is sometimes a mess also and again he is at fault. He loves stuffed animals, but is not kind to them (see video posted below & excuse the Shep Smith TV audio in the back ground) and leaves their innards all over the house. Also, he sheds so we are dusting and vacuuming almost daily.

As for other stuff we are continuing to get ourselves ready for our summer adventure. We still have a lot to do, but are making progress with the sorting and tossing of stuff we don’t need or want. We still have a yard to clean providing we ever see it again. We also have a motor home to pack. I have emptied every closet, cabinet and cubby hole in it so we can start fresh. There are many things to consider when it comes to packing like do we take the Bread Maker or not and other such important stuff.

This has been a busy week for us. I had dinner Tuesday with friends and some fellowship afterwards and was asked to talk about who I am and my experience, strength and hope for about 45 minutes. On Friday we had a Lead Library Endowment Board Wine and Chocolate Fund Raiser. Kathy is the board president so attend we did…

The chocolate was donated by Chubby Chipmunk…it’s the best ever.

And for you chocolate lovers out there they do ship, but order now before warm weather comes. They will not ship during the summer. We continued our busy weekend with the Terry Peak Employee end of season bash. Yes, I’m now happily unemployed for a while. And to end the rush of busy tonight we get hear the candidates for city council tell us why they think we should elect them.

Back to the weather for a minute…if you look below there is hope that spring will come…

Yes, there is hope…

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1 Response to Dogs (Toddlers), weather and stuff…

  1. Nancy Preston says:

    Thanks for the blog, I appreciated the youtube video of Buddy, and your home…makes me feel I am there. I miss you all!!! Buddy is so cute, and responsive to you Ross, and Kathy I send hugs!!!

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