Getting ready to go…sort of…

We have, counting today, 6 days to finish getting ready to travel to Vermont and there is still much to do. Although we have made a lot of progress in getting rid of life’s clutter. The garbage man will probably celebrate when we leave since for the past 8 weeks we have had all 5 of our trash cans along with bags and boxes on the curb for pickup.

The new trailer is about halfway packed and every thing in it has been checked out and is working. The truck will get a free checkup from the dealer on Friday. We have also dealt with newspapers, cable, internet, vet, dentist,banking, email, insurance, roofer, yard cutters, garden sitters, house checkers, utility bills, local police department and a host of other details. It seemed a lot simpler back in the fall when we had the idea of spending the summer in Vermont then it has turned out to be. Yet we are almost ready and have a cleaning person coming to house on Friday. This seemed like a good idea and a preventer of domestic unrest. It will also give us time to visit with friends on Friday and Saturday and take care of any details that have escaped from our long list of to do things.

We are excited about this trip and feel blessed to have this oportunity. It will be change for us and living in the trailer along with the dog for 5 months will bring a new level of tolerence to us all. We will continue to share our life with all of you through the blog.

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1 Response to Getting ready to go…sort of…

  1. Buddy says:

    Have a good trip and a good summer. Let me know if you come south.

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