Wood Fired…the only way to go…now that we have tried it…

We have discovered a bagel place here, Myer’s Bagels, that cooks a Montreal style bagel. They are cooked in a wood fired oven and if you’re lucky you will arrive just as they come out of the oven. They open and start baking at 4:00am and stop baking at 1:00pm and close when they want after the baking stops. I may never be able to eat a NY style bagel again without complaining.

And while on the subject of wood fired, N&L have a wood fired pizza oven in their yard that N built. Sunday afternoon they had us over for a few rounds of Bache Ball (N&K kicked L& my you know what in the game) and wood fired pizza. As with the above mentioned bagels, I may not be able to eat regular pizza again. There is something about the taste combined with the whole process that makes them incredible.

Getting readyIn the oven

Let's eat

N&L made several different pizzas and the one shown has barbecue chicken, onion, red pepper, arugula and sweet potato on it and it was really really really gooooood.