It is not the Blog Cabin…

but it is home for the summer. We are living in 230 square feet of space, a luxury condo in some cities, and are adjusting to the two of us plus our toddler, actually Buddy the dog, sharing this small space. When you consider there is probably less than 100 square feet of open floor space, it really is a small space.

Living room, dinning room and kitchen

The cover on the sofa while not pretty is good dog protection.

We have added some inclosed outdoor living space in the form of a screen house and plan to get a table and four chairs so we can eat in it. In addition to the screen house we have a large picnic table and a gas grill. The grill was one that N&L no longer use so it is ours for the summer and then it goes to some friends of theirs. It is three burner so it is large enough to cook a complete dinner on and not have to worry about heating up the inside of the trailer.

Front yard

We have also added some flowers, herbs, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers in planters and we hope they will produce for us.

Back yard

And just so you know we are trying to eat healthy here is a shot of my breakfast today…

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3 Responses to It is not the Blog Cabin…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Wow, it looks great! I love it that you’re growing flowers and vegetables in pots during your temporary stay. You are truly committed gardeners!

  2. Kathy Dunn says:

    Okay, so where exactly are you now?

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