Going to DC…

In a few days we will be off to DC to see the kids and Miss H. We are excited about seeing them. I was last there in January and Kathy was last there over a year ago. Miss H was fun in January, but now that she is asking questions and making her needs known (giving orders) in full sentences she should be more entertaining.

We are hoping to spend time in the pool and at the park with Miss H and go where or do anything else she wants to do. Of course, we also are looking forward to being with Torey, Kerry, Leigh and Chip also. I’m sure our plans include some eating out and an anniversary dinner for Torey and Kerry along with Miss H of course.

We are flying to DC. The cost of the plane tickets is about the same as the cost of fuel would be if we drove the truck. Driving to DC would take about 10 hours and flying takes about 1 1/2 hours so flying is the way to go. We will arrive on Friday and leave on Monday.

This trip will be without Buddy. He will be spending time at the “Dog Lodge” with others of his kind and a few humans that are there to entertain them. The activities besides sleeping and eating include outdoor play time with the other guest and some pool time. Yes, pool time. They have several baby pools that they fill and take the guest to play in several hours a day. It’s really doggie daycare with a sleep over. All in all it’s like staying at a resort with room service.

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