It was a very good trip…

We flew to DC on Friday and back on here on Monday and an unusual thing happened. Our flights left on time and arrived early at both locations. Thank you US Air.

T’s office is only minutes from Regan National so she picked us up and then we went with her to pick up Miss H. Miss H loves her routines and they were disrupted in two ways. normally K picks her up and so there were questions of “where is daddy” and of course we were there so there were a few questioning looks that said “who are these people and way are they in my routine”. She warmed up very quick and by the time we stopped at the park on the way home to play she was up to speed and all was well with her world. It got even better when daddy showed up at the park to join in play time.

After play time we headed to dinner at one of my favorite fast food places, Chipotle. Now to some of you this must same like a strange place to pick for dinner, but we live in a state that doesn’t even have one and are spending the summer in another state that also doesn’t have one. We really are fast food deprived people. Remember, where we live unless you good to Subway the nearest fast food joint is 17 miles away.

On Saturday L came by and picked us up for a trip to National Harbour for some walking around, window shopping, store shopping and a great lunch at Public House. Part of the shopping was at the Life’s Good store where we got Miss H another, like she needs one, Tee Shirt. We also browsed through the Peep Store and Capital Tea along with a stroll through the Farmers Market and a stop for coffee.

National Harbour

National Harbour

Saturday night we took T, K and Miss H out for a belated anniversary dinner. They choose a local Italian place that has the wisdom of having a kids room off one of their dinning areas so you can turn the kids lose to watch movies and be waited on by their very on server. We went early and it was crowded with families that have small children. the owners should get the “Idea of The Century Award”.

On Sunday Kathy and I joined T and Miss H for a trip to a local farmers market. Miss H also likes to run up and down the little hills in the park where the market is held. She also likes to watch the turtles that swim in the lake there. While doing this she decided the turtles needed one of her pink Crocs so in the lake it went. Fortunately granddad was able to come to the rescue and retrive the Croc with a tree branch. Yea for me. After the market trip and lunch we headed to the pool for some swim time.

Sunday afternoon L & C came for a visit and a cook out. L also brought homemade cupcakes and a cake for all to enjoy. It was really nice to see them and to spend time with them. It is clear that Aunt L is one of Miss H’s favorites.

All of us

On Monday, after a breakfast of cupcakes T dropped us at the airport and we headed home back to Vermont. On the approach to the Burlington Airport we discovered why Vermont is called The Green Mountain State.

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1 Response to It was a very good trip…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    Glad you had a good trip! I love Chipotle, too, so I can see why you’d choose to go there if you couldn’t visit one regularly.

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