Of booms and bangs and other stuff…

Happy 4th to all of you…


We watched the fireworks here in Burlington, Vermont last night from the beach at the campground. Amazing view and all we had to do was walk down to the beach. Burlington has there show on July 3rd so they do not compete with the smaller communities celebrations that take place on the 4th. The show is from a barge anchored of the Burlington water front. It was a 30 minute show and fun to watch.

The beach here is now cleaned up from the floods and the campers and locals are really happy to have it open. It is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm and draws mostly a family crowd. there are also a lot of boaters that anchor off the beach and swim in. There are grills, picnic tables, a snack bar, a children’s play ground and canoe and kayak rentals available. The beach has gone from this…

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