Time wth old friends…

Our friends Paul and Trish from Maryland were here for a two night visit.

Out for lunch on Sunday

They arrived on Saturday afternoon after spending a week at a Motorcycle owners club rally at Mount Snow, Vt. After getting them set up on a camp site we headed downtown for people watching and outdoor dining on Church Street. We had a great dinner at an outside table at the Church and Main restaurant. The food was excellent along with the conversation. Conversations centered around our kids who all knew each other as youngsters and we, sorry kids, had many good laughs. Church Street at night is great for people watching and can be entertaining. There are the homeless, mostly young with their tin cups and hand written signs, street musicians and performers from jugglers to a guy walking a tight rope between two trees while twirling flaming torches.

Night on Church Street

After staying up and talking way to late for us old folks, it was off to bed.

On sunday morning we headed to the Burlington water front and a tour of the The schooner Lois McClure which is a full-scale replica of an 1862-class sailing canal boat. These were used to haul freight between Burlington and Montreal, New York City and Buffalo. After spending time exploring the schooner and its history we headed off to lunch at the Splash, a restaurant with outside seating at the city marina.

Lois McClure

Cargo area of schooner Lois McClure

Burlington City Marina

Kathy and had to work Sunday evening so Paul and Trish walked the bike path into town for ice cream and free music listening. there was a Grace Potter concert at the water front, but it could be heard all over town including here on the campground. You can listen for free or pay to listen and see.

Buddy also enjoyed the visit since Paul and Trish are dog lovers and showered him with the attention he knows he deserves and gave him many extra outdoor adventure walks.

Monday morning we headed to Richmond, Vt to have breakfast with Neil at the bakery Cafe and let the dog run lose at Neil’s house. Then it was time for Paul and Trish to pack the motorcycle and head for a visit with friends in Maine, unfortunately for them it was pouring down rain when they left and we wished them a safe trip.

Wishing you a safe trip...

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