Of Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Other Random Stuff…

While some of you rolled and rocked and quaked, Kathy and I felt nothing. Some people here in Vermont did feel the earth move and some left their high perches in downtown office buildings. Tall here is four stories and there are only a few buildings taller than that.

We did not have a hurricane here, we only had a tropical storm. Here in Burlington it was mostly rain and a few high wind gust. Other parts of Vermont were not as fortunate. Many small towns in southern and central Vermont experienced major flooding and extensive damage from the rain. Some of these towns were completely shut off from the rest of the world because of washed out roads, missing bridges and a total lack of power and the services that depend on it. Volunteers opened access to several towns by using ATVs and chain snows to clear a snow mobile trail and then haul needed supplies ten miles over the trail. Needed supplies included water, diapers, cleaning supplies, trash bags, medicines and food. This was not a government led effort, but one of volunteers from nearby communities and across the region. Volunteers were matched with the needs of people and strangers became friends. They mucked feet of mud from basements, removed wet drywall, took up wet carpet, dried family photos and listened to those who needed to talk.

And now for some random musings…

It amazes me as I wonder through the camp ground how many people, young (some very young) and old, spend a good part of their day focused on smart phones, I pads and laptops. They are on a camp ground with bike path, beach, play grounds and volley ball courts. If they need to be on an electronic leash all day and night they could have saved money and stayed home.

We have been gone since May 1, and are starting, only starting, to look forward to returning home to SD. This also includes visiting family and friends on the way there. We will probably leave here around October 1 and with visits it will take two to three weeks to get home. We are hoping we will arrive before the heavy snow starts its’ annual assault on our area.

I am also looking forward to returning to work on the “Hill”, Terry Peak ski Area, in November. I know, it can be cold, really really cold, blowing snow, lots of snow and just plain uncomfortable, but I love being there and the upside is that I get to see a spectacular sunrise almost every morning. Maybe, as some have thought for years I’m just plain nuts.

And now for a few photos…

Will someone please feed me...

My life is hard, really hard...

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