The End Is Near…

The end is near, not because of earth quakes, hurricanes, high winds, rain and floods, but because our summer job/adventure is coming to an end. We expect our last day of work to be September 30.

We have started the job of sorting, packing and tossing. It is amazing how much stuff can accumulate in the “Box” we call our summer home. Some will go home with us, some may go to N&Ls garrage and some will just go.

People have asked if we will do this again and the answer is that we have been invited back for next summer and are planing on working here again.

We have had a good summer here in Vermont and have enjoyed the Burlington area. We have also made some new and good friends here. Some are people we work with, some are campers and some are locals, but we have enjoyed them all and will miss them.

Burlington has been a fun city to explore although it is also a little on the weird side at times. This, however, makes it a great place to people watch. It will also give us a good supply of stories for the winter in South Dakota.

Our trip home will take us to DC to see Miss H and the kids of course. From there we will head to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a few to days to visit with several friends and then on to Virginia Beach to visit with my brother. After Virginia Beach we will head west and hope we get home before the now falls.

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