The really long ride home…

Our trip home took us on a journey of 2896 miles even though Lead, SD is just a little over 1800 miles from Burlington, VT.

Our first stop was near Alexandria, VA for a visit, what some might call a spoiling, with Miss H and of course her “Lady in Waiting” (AKA Mom or Torey) and her “Man Servant” (AKA Dad or Kerry).

Miss H and her Lady in Waiting

Miss H was impressed with her new winter coat, vest, dress, tights, felt sandwich fixings and some Thomas train stuff. On Sunday she came out to the campground and seemed surprised that our “house car” had no basement.  Once Miss H learned the campground had a play ground it was time to play. We also managed to get Buddy to a dog park near their house for a run and some ball chasing which is one of his favorite activities.

let's go to the playground

Push me... push me...

Our next stop was in Annapolis, MD for lunch with our friend Carol whom I’ve known 26 years. From there we went to spend the night in Centerville, MD and a fun dinner out with Paul and Trish and Jim and Margery. Paul and Trish have no house across the street from them so we can park there and spend the night in the portable guest room.

Visit with Carol

Dinner with friends

After morning coffee with them we headed for VA Beach and a visit with my brother and his wife. We had a great visit, good food and come morning it was off again, but his time we were headed home.


The trip home took a total of ten days and with few exceptions Buddy did well. Actually I was pleasantly surprised with his behavior. He was confined to the back seat of the truck, it is a crew cab so it has a full size back seat. We had the seats folded down so he had room to move around and we also had his cage/dog house in the back seat so he had a place to go where he felt safe.

We arrived home on Sunday and after being gone for 5 1/2 months it felt good to walk in to a house. The other bonus for us was that there was no snow on the ground.

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