And so it begins again…

As I got out of bed at 0-dark thirty, by my clock, and looked out the window this is what I saw…


Yes…it is white, it is wet and it is cold…it is snow. This was sort of appropriate since this was my first morning back to work on the Hill.

It was not a lot of snow. Only ended up being around 1/2 inch so kids were in school, toilet paper, bread and eggs were available in the store and life went on. Actually this small amount of snow here, unlike other areas of the country, does not even get a mention in the local news.

We need a big unusual snow here in the far north frozen land where we choose to live to get people excited. What we need is one like the picture below. In 2008 while most of you were headed to the beach and swimming pools we were shoulder deep in snow…yes shoulder deep. This was a 60 inch snowfall that occurred in May of 2008.

May 8, 2008

This picture was taken two days after the snow storm.

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