You can’t wear the toddler dog out…

We try hard to make sure Buddy gets all the exercise he requires. Based on his activity around the house I’m not sure we succeed at this.

Our local dog park has a hill in it that goes up about 75 feet above the entrance level and when we go there we will climb the hill and throw the ball to the bottom and then Buddy will bring it back to us and back and back and back…you get the point. He will do this forever. We also play ball with him in the back yard and he will chase the ball and chase and chase and chase. This gives him a good run, but it will be hard on us once the really cold weather arrives and the yard is under feets, yes feets, of snow. He enjoyed chasing tennis balls in the snow last winter, but when it is close to zero or below it is not quite as much fun for us.

View from the Dog Park

Another view

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