Buddy has a brand new toy…

Buddy is a fan of peanut butter so we got a large bone from the butcher shop. The plan is to cut the two ends off and than once he has all the marrow sucked/licked/pestered out of the bone we can fill it with peanut butter and this will keep him occupied for quite a while. At least that is our hope and plan.

Buddy and the Bone

Buddy is an active dog and so distractions, much like with children, are important for our comfort and sanity.

one of his his favorite activities at this point is chasing tennis balls 50-60 or 100 times across the back yard. This morning at 7:00am and 21 degrees I decided that during the winter this activity may have to be shortened a wee bite. The hill at the dog park can also be very uncomfortable on cold and windy days so maybe a new distraction will work. Again, this is for our comfort and sanity.

Wish us well…

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