Play time at our house…

I have written before about Buddy our toddler and his love of chasing tennis balls or anything we throw. I choose tennis balls because he is found of catching them before they bounce and a lacrosse ball would take his teeth out.

As the above video shows he will chase and chase and then chase some more. I usually spend ten to fifteen minutes per play time doing this. Our current routine is to go out about 7:00am before I head out to my part-time job on the Hill, again in the afternoon as soon as I’m home, again about dinner time and at once more before bed. Kathy also takes him to the local dog park two to five times a week and for a leash walk almost daily. with all this you would think he would wear down and burn off some energy, but he seems to have an endless supply of energy. Maybe he is sneaking energy drinks when no one is looking.

And now for a note on our weather…we are expecting a little snow on Tuesday and they saying there is a possibility of a “Snow Storm” on Saturday. Tuesdays snow will be mostly snow showers and we are only looking for three to four inches.

the cold that will be here for the next week will allow us to fire the snow guns back up on the Hill and continue with snow making.

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