Will work for food…and other stuff…

Before I start, I should tell you that the “other stuff” has nothing to do with the “will work for food” part of this post and the “work for food” does not mean that Kathy and I have fashioned cardboard signs and are hanging out by the exit ramp.

Buddy our toddler dog is highly motivated, at least when food or tennis balls are involved so much like getting kids to clean their rooms training is done with rewards. Some days he is much better then others.


He sits and lies down very well and is learning to roll over and play dead although for the last two he has a way to go yet. There are other behaviors we are working on such as going to the mat, staying, waiting at the door before charging out and not barking at the deer that wonder by our kitchen window. And I know that you dear readers who know me will find it hard to believe that certain people think Buddy’s training is progressing faster than mine.

His favorite activity is still chasing tennis balls in the back yard. I average playing this game with him about five times a day and although it is exciting for him it is not quite as exciting for me. To pass the time I have calculated the number of times I can throw the ball and how far he runs to fetch it and return with it before he tires himself out. The average number of throws is 47 and the distance covered by him is about 65 feet. based on this he travels around 3055 feet per session or 15,275 feet per day which is close to three miles per day and he never has to leave the back yard.

And now for other stuff. We have had almost no snow so far this year which is rare for us here in the far frozen North Land aka Lead, SD. Our total so far is only around ten inches and none of that is still on the ground. By this time last year we had several feet of snow and one day in late October we had a high temp of 7 degrees.

We are making snow at Terry Peak and hope to be open the day after Thanksgiving. We could use some help from mother nature however.

Piling it up

Snow Cats at work

Snow Cats at work

Spreading the wealth

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