We have “White Friday”

White Friday

While it is officially Black Friday, here in our little corner of the world it is “White Friday”.

One thing we have learned about South Dakota is if you don’t like the weather you don’t have to wait long for it to change. Wednesday it was in the 60s, Thursday it reached 59 and today it was also in the high 50s, at least it was until around 2 o’clock when the clouds moved in, the temperature dropped and the white stuff fell from the sky. The weather man said we had a slight chance of around 1/2 inch of snow this afternoon. He was wrong. We now have about 3 inches and it is still snowing.

If you are wondering why our Christmas lights are up so early, it is because living here we have learned to put them up when it’s warm out. I learned this lesson after putting them up in sub-zero weather one year. we have also discovered that no matter what the temperature is the wind will blow on what ever day I decide to put them up. Last year the wind was steady at about 55 mph and this year we had gust to 45 mph.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and your turkey or what ever you cooked turned out well. In our case we had ribeye on the grill.

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