Of this and that and other things…

We have determined that Buddy “The Toddler Dog” who is a Springer Spaniel may also be part Australian Sheppard. We have also discovered that an Australian Sheppard requires more exercise than a Springer. This was a disturbing discovery, but that explains why I’m out in the cold and snow five to ten times a day throwing tennis balls so he can get in his three to five miles of running in the backyard. What do I get out of this…well he is fun to watch, but the cold feet and hands along with ice in the beard is not so much fun. I also spend time walking around the yard looking for lost tennis balls. At this point there are only three in the house and about ten buried in the snow. This fact brings us to the question of what to get Buddy for Christmas…I have found, after web searching, a source of used tennis balls (who knew) and we have ordered a bag of one hundred. Hopefully this will get us through the rest of the winter. I should also say that a good run will tire him and me out.

After the running...

I know looking at this photo it is hard to understand what a ball of energy he is…

We are preparing for Christmas here at our house. Last year we decided not to put up the big tree because of the toddler in our house and the fact that the ornaments probably would have served as toys and snacks. With this fact in mind I built an ornament tree for the mantle from some 2×2 and dowel rods so we could enjoy our favorite ornaments. mostof the favorites are ones we have collected from places we have visited such as many of the National Parks in this country and out trip to Spain and Belgium in 2007. We are using it again this year and have also put up our small, three-foot tall, tree that has the family, pets and friends photo ornaments that we have made over the years on it. The outside lights are up and we are done.

Lights in the snow

The Photo Tree

Another part of Christmas that I am grateful for is online shopping. Since we are in far Western South Dakota our shopping options are limited without driving 50 miles to Rapid City which has what amounts to real stores. Also our kids and their families all live on the East Coast, the DC area and Vermont, so online shopping, gift wrapping and free shipping makes Christmas shopping bearable.

The ski runs, at least part of them, are open at Terry Peak and we are looking forward to a good season on the Hill. I am working four to seven days per week at this time which is more than I like and I am retired. It is a good thing I like my boss and the people I work with. One of the reasons for the extra work is the fact that my boss just had knee surgery and is unable to bend it yet and so I’m doing some of the things he would normally do. The other good part of the extra work is that it gets me out of the house, off of dog duty and moving snow around is good exercise.

I am looking forward to my January trip east to see Miss H, our granddaughter aka the Princess of her/our world. Of course am also looking forward to seeing her Court Jester and Lady in Waiting aka her parents. I will also enjoy spending time with Leigh and Chip. While with Leigh I will get fitted for my wedding attire, meet the flower people and take care of other wedding related stuff. Another high light of the trip will be lunch in Baltimore on Thursday with our good friends and my past co-workers Kris and Vic.

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