It was a very good visit…

Last Wednesday morning I flew to DC to see my granddaughter and of course her parents, her aunt Leigh and future uncle Chip. It was a busy five days. Almost three-year olds are exhausting.

Wednesday we had a birthday party for me which included yummy cupcakes and a take out dinner from Chipolte, my favorite fast food restaurant. On Thursday I used my daughters car to drive to Baltimore to have lunch with Kris and Vic, my old co-workers and friends. It was a change to borrow a car from her instead of earlier years when the phrase “can I use the car” was frequently heard.

Friday I spent with Leigh and we had a great lunch together and also took care of some of her upcoming wedding details.

Saturday I watched Miss H at her gymnastics group. She did not want to go, but we finally got her out of the house and into the car. Upon arriving at gymnastics, she did not want to get out of the car, but finally agreed to go inside to see her friends. Once in side she ran right into the class area , into the center of the group circle, put her arms in the air and announced in a loud happy voice “Hadley’s here, I’m here”… you would have never known she did not want to be there just thirty seconds before.

Following the class we made a stop at the toy store to finish up some Christmas shopping for gifts from Kathy and me. After this it was home to play with Thomas the Tank engine train stuff and Play Dough. In the afternoon we took a ride to the National Arboretum to feed the Koi, but unfortunately they do not allow you to feed them in the winter. We did get to see them however. We then took the opportunity to explore the paths and fields in an attempt to wear the three-year old out. Needless to say this does not work very well. She has a very short recovery time. Saturday night Leigh and Chip joined us for dinner and I got a second birthday dessert. Leigh made me a great cake with strawberry icing and we all enjoyed it. Speaking of deserts, Miss H professes to not like chocolate, but will eat brown cake and brown icing.

Calling the Koi

Columns at the arboretum from the Capitol Building

Columns in black and white

Sunday in another attempt to burn off energy from Miss H we went to Fort Washington to walk around, climb on things and slide down hills. Leigh joined us there and we had a really good time.

Fort Washington

Hill sliding with mom

Head Valet and Lady in Waiting

The rest of Sunday was spent watching football, playing with trains and making shapes with Play Dough.

On Monday I flew back to SD and summer like temperatures in the 60s. Tuesday our temps were also in the 60s and then as the sunset the temps dropped about forty degrees and the snow started. By the time it stopped this morning we had about eight inches of snow and temps in the single digits and that is where they stayed for the day. We also had wind  gust to 50 mph which put the wind chill when I went to work today some where around -24.

I had a great trip and enjoyed spending time with family, friends and future family.

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