We have arrived…and we are staying…

We have arrived in Burlington, Vermont, and will be at the North Beach Campground through September as work campers just like last year. It was a 1987-mile drive which we did in four days. Why the hurry you ask…we were in a hurry to see the house we bought in Vermont sight unseen. We did see pictures and video plus son Neil went to check it out with our real estate agent. We arrived Monday afternoon and went to see the house on Tuesday. The house was all we thought it would be and more. It is a beautiful house for us and the yard and gardens are spectacular. It is our second dream come true, the first being to live in the west and we did that for the last ten years. The second was to be closer to all the kids and we are now much closer. We feel blessed when you consider that some people do not even have one dream come true and we are on our second one. Now you understand the arrived and staying part.

The new dream

Our house in Lead, SD, is now for sale and packed for moving. We will work out the details of getting our stuff here when the house sells or when the summer job is over. We do have it all packed and ready to go. It was a busy few weeks after making an offer on the house here and then being totally surprised when it was accepted. Our days were filled with packing, paperwork, emails, phone calls, faxing and saying good-by to a lot of people that we will really miss.

Leaving SD is hard. Kathy and I are part of many communities there. We are both part of some and individually part of others. There are people who overlap within these separate communities also. These communities include church, civic organizations, volunteer work, part-time work and my recovery community. Of course, we know we will find those same communities to become involved here and soon have a new group of people to add to our list of friends. We are not giving up our friends in SD, we just won’t see them as often. It will be like the friends we left behind when we moved from Annapolis, MD to SD.

Now back to our trip. It was long and once we were east of the Mississippi River gas prices just got higher and higher. The strange part of gas prices is that the stations that had ethanol in all their blends priced it the same as those who had no ethanol and there is a 50 cents per gallon subsidy on ethanol so it should be cheaper. Also, once we hit New York State the drivers got ruder and ruder. They think nothing of passing and then pulling right in front of us, at times within a half a car length. Remember, our truck and trailer have a combined length of 45 feet and weigh around 17,000 pounds. If the smart car or the cube that pulled right in front of us had to stop short, we would have turned them into a crushed soda can.

Buddy the toddler dog settled down early in the trip and took up sleeping a lot. He did spend sometime watching out the back window. He may have been trying to figure out what the big white thing was attached to our truck and why it was following us. We think he remembered last year’s trip and decided to just sleep the trip away. He, maybe all dogs, seems to have an incredible memory. There is a KOA we stayed at last year and we stopped there again this year and once out of the trailer he headed, dragging us along, right for their fenced in off-leash dog park. Also when we got to Burlington he popped up and got very excited. We think he knew where we were headed and had fond memories of spending last summer on the campground. He really got excited when we pulled into the camp ground.

The three of us are looking forward to another great summer and a new chapter in our adventure through life.

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