Runners, Bike Riders, Dogs, Gardening and Yoga…

As you know, we are in Burlington, Vermont, for the summer and this is a town that is addicted to outdoor living. As for the title of this post, I do not think you are allowed to live here unless you take part in at least three of the listed activities. It is nice to see that there is an attempt by many of the residents to lead healthy lives and to have a beautiful town to live in.

We have the trailer arranged for living until September 30 when we will move into the house full-time, well for the most part…there are still a couple of things we have not located yet. It will seem strange to own a house that is only an hour away and continue to live in our 192 square feet of space.

Our home for the season

We have planted some flower pots and a few vegetables in containers so Kathy can satisfy her need to garden. We are not getting a community garden plot this year since once we close on the house, we have an established garden and large lawn to take care of on our days off. Buddy seems to remember the campground and all the places we walk him here along with the nearby dog park. The first time we put him in the truck and head for “his park” he could barely contain his excitement. I need to read up on dog memory some day.

This season is starting off much busier than last season. Last year the lake was above flood stage and the beach did not open until late June. This year it is already open and busy. The University of Vermont is here and the students spend a lot of time at the beach which is part of the campground complex.

Most of the people we worked with last year are back again this year and it has been great to renew friendships after 6 months apart. The work is the same so Kathy is in the office and I am out and about on the campground. We each are working around 30 hours a week so we have time to have fun and will have time in the future to take care of the house prior to actually moving in and having our stuff here.

I have also returned to the AA group that I rarely missed last summer and it was great to see many of the same faces. About 8 of them even remembered I was from South Dakota and my name.

Misty Morning at the Beach

We have been out to see Neil and Lori several times and have been fed very well by them. Eating at their house is not just a meal, it is an experience. Buddy also got very excited the first time we headed for their house. He loves it there since he can run free and track who knows what through the woods around their house.

Mothers Day Brunch

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