New toys and dog hang outs…

As I have written, the yard at our new house here in Vermont is big, bigger than any I have had to deal with since before my college years. So, in order to keep it looking nice we got a brand new yard toy…

Daddy has a brand new toy

If you look closely you can see my Fathers Day/House Yard Warming gift from Neil and Lori on my head. It not just ear protectors, but has AM/FM radio and a plug for my music player too. Since it takes 2.5 hours to cut the yard having a distraction is helpful not to mention it really cuts down the tractor noise.

Buddy, who seems to notice anything that has been moved or is out-of-place was very unsure of the tractor at first.

Buddy meets tractor man

After watching it for a minute and realizing it was me on it he stopped growling and seemed okay with it being in his yard.

Buddy, like any toddler, was unsure when we first introduced him to the new house, but we think he has adjusted to being there very well and will be happy once our his stuff is in the house.

Learning to adjust

He has made friends with two of the neighborhood dogs, Chase and Casper, who live across the road and wander through our yard on their twice daily neighborhood watch rounds.

I’m watching you

Another issue we have had to deal with is the changing of  email addresses and what seems like a million companies and web sites that have to be notified of the change. We are also changing phone providers, “Verizon we can not hear you now”, because of no Verizon service at our house. There are many other details to deal with also and we are working our way through them. Sometimes slowly, but certainly surely.

And on a different note, I guess we will have to come up with a new name for the blog since we will be no longer living in South Dakota. SD will always be in our memories thanks to Torey, Kerry and Hadley.

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