It’s starting look like a home…

We are spending our days off working on unpacking and organizing, but we still have a way to go.

We now have a usable kitchen,  bedroom and living/dining area. Before leaving South Dakota, we abandoned our old threadbare sofa on our sidewalk with a “Take me I’m Free” sign and it was gone in less than 20 minutes. After searching online and in several stores here in Vermont, Kathy found a sectional she liked and a rug to go with it. It was delivered on Thursday so we now have a fully functional living room.

Living dining are

The book shelves in the picture were agift from Neil and Lori who are working on redoing part of their house.

Another view

The outside is coming along also. Of course, this is due to the gardens the sellers left us and not because of anything we have done.

From the front deck

Charlie Brown Bench from SD

The sellers did a wonderful job on the garden areas and if looks as if the assortment of plants they put in will provide us with color and cut flowers all season long. It is really nice for us to have a house with established gardens instead of working for years to get them looking good. The bonus is that we are in love with the gardens as they are.

I have cut the yard three or four times so far and it is a two-hour plus job even with the 48 inch cut on my tractor. Once done however, it is nice to sit back and look out across the fresh-cut lawn. We still just sit and marvel at the fact that we found this place and were able to buy it.

We still have a lot of unpacking to do and stuff to get rid of. We are hoping to find a near by Goodwill store or local semblance of one. We are also investigating some local consignment stores for several pieces of furniture we need to let go of. We have discovered, no surprise, that it was easier to move from a small house to a large one than it now is to go from large to small. The good thing for us that this house will be more manageable and take up less of our time keeping it together.

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