It’s Coming Together…

Our house is finally looking like people live there. We have been spending our days off getting things in place, rooms put together and art work up. We have only one room, the guest room, left to do and some art work to hang and we will be done. It will be great when our summer jobs are over at the end of September to be able to drive up, walk in and live there.

Living Room

Living Room from another angle

Entry Hall with Silk Screens by Torey

Office…a work in progress

At least once a week the yard requires about three hours of cutting and trimming and on top of that there has been some tree trimming, thinning and garden weeding to get done while we are there. We have a big yard and some really nice gardens so it takes a lot of work to keep them up. it will be easier once we are there all the time.

Mount Hadley

We have a mound behind the garden area that is off the back deck and we have decided to name it Mount Hadley in honor of our granddaughter. The blue chair will be her throne when she comes to visit accompanied by her Lady in Waiting and her Man Servant, aka her parents. Before they come we will place a name plaque on the mountain.

One of the front gardens

Flowers by back deck and hot tub

Yard art

The previous owners told us when they bought the house in 2005 there were no gardens, the grass/weeds were waist-high and rocks were everywhere. They added the gardens and built the rock walls and rock art. The gardens are amazing and different plantings have been blooming since we first saw the house in May. We are gateful all this is already done.

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1 Response to It’s Coming Together…

  1. Dr. Blondie says:

    It looks great! I love all of your outdoor space, especially Mt. Hadley!

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