Out and About…

Our friend Margery is visiting from the Eastern Shore of Maryland so we have been doing the tourist thing while she is here.

We took hike on Sunday to Moss Glen Falls which is short drive from the house. It was a short hike to a beautiful water fall. Moss Glen Brook flows through a sunny open area of mixed forest and meadow. The stream takes a sudden turn into a narrow confined gorge. The stream goes over several small falls and cascades then makes a 20 foot drop into a pool at the head of the last drop. The total drop is around 125 feet making this one of the
largest drops in the state. Most of the cascades in the gorge are inaccessible,
unless you have rappelling gear. The gorge here is between 40 and 80′ in depth.
Some years there are Peregrine Falcons nesting in the cliff adjacent to the
falls. We also took Buddy with us and he seemed to enjoy the hike as much as we did.

View from creek below falls

Marge, Kathy and Buddy along the trail

Moss Glen Falls

Top of falls

View of creek above the falls

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