Buddy has a buddy…

Buddy has two friends that come over from the neighbors several times a day to play. One is Chase, a tan part lab, and the other is Casper, a black part lab. They seem to have a regular visitation route through the area and our yard is part of their road. they will stop here to play or just lay in the sunshine.


Buddy enjoys their company unless we are outside and then he usually just ignores them in favor of us. We are so lucky.

Buddy and Chase

Buddy and Chase at play

Buddy’s choice of games is still tennis ball chasing and with the ball chunker we have we are able to give him the opportunity to run 3 to 5 miles per day which helps keep him calmed down and in a state of semi rest.

He has settled in well here and loves being able to spend time outside. He seems to have no interest in roaming and stays fairly close to the house and barn when he is out by himself.

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1 Response to Buddy has a buddy…

  1. Dave says:

    and here my first thought was buddy got a brother or a sister LOL

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